Halooo~~ I know I have been far far away from my blog but I'll try to catch up with you guys later.

Recently, my best friends and I are working on some projects to maximize our time, talent and friendship. Here, we humbly present our new project:
We launched our own website!!

The website is our writing project, where the ten of us are trying to learn to write more.
Well, by writing more, we learn more. And when we learn more, that encourages us to write more.
But the main purpose of the project is to make impact for others, either through our writing or our upcoming activities.

The name itself is Indonesian words for "So Many".
We do hope that the logo present that clearly.

Our website will consist of many topics of writing that may happen in our lives. I don't know about the future of the website and the projects. Is it going to be success or just another step in our lives, but for now, I am excited to write more.

Don't forget to come visit our website yaa!!

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