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Set aside your feeling, commit for a greater cause -@JeffryRachmat

A few weeks ago at one of JPCC Sunday Service, Ps.Jeffry Rachmat preached about commitment. The main idea is that being a Christian means we are a committed person. We have to commit (something) until the very end. Why? Because God does. He committed to do The Salvation until the very last drop of His life, even though He had another choice.

When I heard the word 'commitment', the first thing comes up in my mind is Marriage/Relationship. I think it is because marriage is the most common way to describe commitment.

As Ps.Jeffry said, commitment is only for those who are willing to sacrifice. Marriage takes sacrifice. Just imagine that two-person sleep in the same bed every day lives in the same house, and have to deal with each other for the rest of their life. So much to sacrifice.

committed spouse gives someone serenity and trust between them. This is a basic foundation, a must-have thing in a relationship. Trust built from serenity which grows by commitment. Blah blah blahh.. Since I am not married yet, I guess I don't need to think about commitment, right?

Then someway, this fact strikes me.

Commitment is not talking about relationship or marriage. Commitment is talking about persistence, defined by one's maturity. It's about life value. It's about mindset. So, bear with this fact I want to tell you. The fact that we -you and me, those who are single, can also commit in their our singleness.

Girls, one of my childhood dream was to have a romantic-happily-ever-after life with my prince charming, and I never knew anything about a broken heart. As time goes by, I know that life is not as simple as that, and as said in Adele's song, sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

I believe that even simplest hurt could lead our heart to damage. I am sure that kind of heart is not the one I want to receive from my husband-to-be. Thus, I do not want to give a damaged heart to him.

Therefore, our commitment in singleness is to guard our heart with diligence. Just because someone is being nice to us, doesn't mean he/she is in love with us, and we shall not let ourselves flying to the planet of assumptions and expectations. If someone regularly chats with us, also does not mean he/she have feelings for us, maybe they just need friends or just being nice. Open your heart but when something happens, maybe it is just the way it is. Don't let our stupid assumption and high expectation lead us another way. We also need to keep our words, actions, and attitudes. Simple, avoid flirting. When we know someone is interested in us and we are not, don't use their feelings for our own good.

Above all, commitment in singleness is to give our heart and thoughts, our ways - our life to the LORD (Psalm 37:5-9).

Yes, it is not easy things to do, especially nowadays. Commit to that kind of stuff, and we find ourselves being put in the nerd zone. But again, commitment takes sacrifice, for a greater cause.

And guess what? For us, God already prepares the best gift and it's already waiting for us. That dream to have wonderful-husband/wife and happily-ever-after marriage, that desire to have Godly Family, yes that dream!

Meaningful marriage life starts with meaningful single life. Don't expect that ONE wedding day could change meaningless people to the other way. So, take commitment in your singleness until the end of it.

“The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of ChristianBut the fact that I am a christian does make me a different kind of woman.” Elisabeth Elliot

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