First Task at New Office: Dance Team

The first story I can tell you in 2012 is this not-so-big-but-quite-fun-and-shocking news. It is involving 15 people dancing 2 songs in about 7 minutes duration plus candles ceremony, practicing about 11 days (@3-4 hours), prepared to perform in front of 250 persons, including Board of Directors of one giant consumer-goods company in Indonesia. And if you have not guess it yet, yes, I am one of those 15 people.

And that is one LAME excuse to not to write blog as much as I wanted.

This dance performance was prepared for my office's Internal 2011 Christmas Celebration. Yes, in January 2012. Please don't ask me why or send complaint about the date, I really have nothing to do with it, except being one of the performers. In fact, in the beginning I have no connection with this event except being an audience because they had have completely different dance team.

Somehow, the first dance team had never practicing before, never showed up actually, so the committee have two choices in hand, look for new team in 2 weeks or have no dancer in D-Day. Long story short, my impromptu-dance-team was listed with label URGENT on its remarks.

So, there were we. Practice and practice, 3 hours a day on the parking lot. *Again, lame excuse* We practiced 2 songs, "Canticle of Joy" and "Angel We Heard on High / Gloria".

As usual, as  a thinker and observer, I have been observed the process of practices, the people, and the coordination. I have learned, a lot.

Hold on there, lovely readers. I'll be back to it sometime. Now, I have to tell you one important thing. We just did our last rehearsal, means that the D-day is tomorrow!

So, I think I deserve some rest tonight. Wish us the best for tomorrow! :)

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