The Many Veiled Maiden

This poem made by my friend for my 23rd birthday.
He said it's about me. *or at least what he thinks about me* :)
Thanks to Andrianto Nugroho for this poem. I'm touched..

The Many-Veiled Maiden

You are the many-veiled maiden

Who hides your heart so deep
Within layers of veil

Those who wish to possess it
Must open each silken thread
One by one and quickly
As the heart is vulnerable in darkness

You are the many-veiled maiden
Who builts a tower to safekeep your heart
Who builts high and mighty walls
Who builts deep and dangerous moats

But builts only small gates and fragile bridges
And writes rules to make your heart remain hidden

I pray to God
Let a white knight in shining armour
Riding a white steed of romance
Armed with faith and love

Tear open your veil
Let light shine upon your heart
Let him siege your walls and fill your moats

And he will make all crumble
And he will burn all rules as it is
Of man not of God

And he will steal your heart
And let you be happy
As it is Gods wish

© Adrianto Nugroho - 061010 - 0500
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