Ironic Longing

hang out every night
busy like hell every day
watch every TV show at midnight
and wake up late at noon
but all about you, I refuse

going out to friend's house at weekdays
and go to public places at the weekend
talk about many, laugh with many
but all about you, I refuse

stay at friend's house for the night
and sit at their working room for the day
just sit, play games or eat

or even just to watch they work
but all about you, I refuse

working out, even sports I've never liked before
get busy, even activities I've never tried before
do shopping, even buy things I've never wanted before
make friends, even do things I've never done before
but all about you, I refuse

go to many places, but no.. about you, I forget..
talk many things, but no.. about you, I silent..
laugh with many people, but no.. with you, I numb..

Coz when it comes to you,
I can hardly breathe,
my heart stop and beat faster at the same time,
i lost my last thought,

and suddenly sounds around me become silent,
simply, my world just stops..

© Jak - 010910 - 1600 ©

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