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Genre: Satire/ Black Humor/Comedy
So, what is democracy? A never-ending question that passes through genertions, a question that leads to million of answers, and a simple question that asked by a teacher to her students.

This short film is a representation of
what is democracy from the eye of a third world country, in this case Indonesia. As a developing country, Indonesia held a great share for being a democratic country. It leads to many great triumphs, but sometimes the process of democracy had its own turbulence along the way.

Social gap, poverty, and self-centered leaders still colors the life of democracy in Indonesia. Thus, this short film offers a sophisticated manner to portray the life of democracy in Indonesia: satire.

Through satire, the film tries to depict a comedic approach to understand the countrys problem and whats the country dreaming for the future without becoming too preachy. Using social portrait and cinematic idioms, the film tries its best to emulate the democracy process in various momentum.

Behind all the problems and challenges that the country faced, theres always a glance of hope for the future. The film offers that a civil system like democracy is belong to the youth. Its only them, that the meaning of democracy can be answered, because democracy is yet to learn.

Music Credit:
"Skippin' Song" by The Speks published by Noiz Entertainment Ltd, Ireland. Visit them at
"Lagu Sedih" by Dialog Dini Hari published by The Blado Beatsmith. Visit them at

God bless Indonesia! :)
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