[story] Letter to God

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Dear Lovely God,

Err.. Or should I call You Almighty King?? Please kindly inform me what should I call You. :)

Hello God, good night. I don't think heaven has morning or night, but I don't know when You will read my letter, so I guess it would be OK if I greet You by earth time, right?

Err.. The reason why I write this letter is that I think that many people in the world want to talk with You, so I guess You really busy every day, so You can read this letter anytime You have time. Emm, since You are God, I think You know who am I, right? I don't want to waste Your precious time, so I'll be quick.

Err.. Actually, I just want to tell You that I love You.

Err.. I don't exactly know how this love define by because there are so many definitions about that in this world. But, if I randomly think about living without You, I feel scared and I can't imagine how would that be. And I do really want to see You smiling towards me. I guess that is quite a definition about love, right?


Ouch, I think I fell asleep during writing this letter. I guess I've said it, just for You know. Yah, I'm done now. Please give me reply, if You have time. :)

---Wait! What's that? There is something written down here.
Dear My Lovely Princess

Hello Dear! I am so glad to hear anything from you.. Or should I say read it? Hahaha.. Just kidding, dear.

You can call Me whatever the Bible told you to, either God, King, Lord or else, because that is all I am. But, actually, I love to hear you call Me  as Father, Daddy, Dad, or another words similar to it.

Oh yeah, there are so many people whom I take care of everyday, everyone indeed. But, I am always be here by yourside, I am in you. You can always talk to Me, anytime anywhere, honey. You will not ran out of paper, hahaha..

Dear, of course I know who you are. I know your mind, heart, pain, emotion and ALL. I know all about you, either from past, and your future, just ALL about you. However, I really want to hear you talking to me, about what you feel, what you think, your life, your dream, just ANYTHING about you.

Dear, I know you love Me. I love you even more. Really, a lot more than much.

Aaahh.. Don't worry. It doesn't matter if you don't understand. We'll talk about many things later, so you can know Me more.

Now, cheer up dear, you know I love you,  OK?

With so much Love,
Your Daddy

Wow! You are amazing! I haven't finished this letter yet, but You have sent me Your reply. Cool!

I think now it's my turn again to write. See you next time, God -ah, Dad!

With Love,
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