[S.Sos] Pending

Today is my pre-thesis final presentation

When I submitted my proposal last Thursday, I already felt terrible. Why? Because somehow I know that I will failed in this first batch. Felt like I could have done better. 

Once I stood up in front of my lecturers, I felt like I was saying gibberish, start from the first sentence. Somehow, all of my fears and doubts disappear and gone. I knew my result in an instant, even before the QA session. My examiners didn't even ask me to leave the room so they can discuss my result because all of us knew about that right away.

I am not sad at all. I know that God allow this to be happened. I have to do harder, because God wants me to be better and be strong. (Hebrew 12:8).

In this post, I just want to say thanks to them who support me. My family. "Ai kantin" and Hizkia (my cell group leader), who prayed for me before my presentation.

I really hope that my other friends can pass their presentation in these two weeks time. Although, I will be sad being alone in the next process. However, I still hope the very best happen to them.

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