The Greatest Battle...


The greatest battle is within our mind...

when those nasty intimidating voices continuously pointed out our flaws
our weaknesses
our failures
opportunities that we passed
other's negative thoughts about us
and judge...

Those lies, that even though we aware that it is not true,
somehow we kind of believe it...

No matter how positive and how strong we are
or how faithful we are to The Almighty,
we are very vulnerable to this attack. Still.

The greatest battle is in one's mind...

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Girl Rising : One Girl With Courage Is A Revolution

Since my early age, I like school.

I love to know new things.
The fun of gathering facts.
The excitement of new experiences.
The beauty of science and the logic of art.

Maybe, the thing I love the most is the self-assurance school has given to us -- to me at least. I feel secure, to know that I know more, to know that I can do something. I feel like I have the power within me.

Sadly, not everyone has the privileges to be able to learn something new. I know that compared to many of my friends, my education background is not a fantastic or awesome thing to share. But I still went to school while many children all around the world couldn't attend school.

Today, as we celebrate International Woman's Day, I want to tell you about GIRL RISING.

Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education. They use the power of storytelling, leveraged through partnerships, to share the simple truth that educating girls can transform societies. Girl Rising unites girls, women, boys and men who believe every girl has the right to go to school and the right to reach her full potential. Their mission is to change the way the world values the girl.

Why girls? Educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation. Educated girls stand up for their rights, marry and have children later, educate their own children, and their families and communities thrive. Yet millions of girls around the world face barriers to education that boys do not. Removing barriers such as early marriage, gender-based violence, domestic slavery and sex trafficking means not only a better life for girls but a safer, healthier and more prosperous world for all.

There is no miracle here... just a girl with dreams.
Even if you send me away, I will come back everyday... until I can stay.
I will read, I will study, I will learn.
If you try to stop me, I will just try harder.
If you stop me, there will be other girls who rise up and take my place.

Jamie Grace : God Girl – Show Jesus – You Lead ♥


These songs are on my frequently played list
Three songs by Jamie Grace.

Jamie Grace - God Girl
Jamie Grace - Show Jesus
Jamie Grace - You Lead


Halooo~~ I know I have been far far away from my blog but I'll try to catch up with you guys later.

Recently, my best friends and I are working on some projects to maximize our time, talent and friendship. Here, we humbly present our new project:
We launched our own website!!

The website is our writing project, where the ten of us are trying to learn to write more.
Well, by writing more, we learn more. And when we learn more, that encourages us to write more.
But the main purpose of the project is to make impact for others, either through our writing or our upcoming activities.

The name itself is Indonesian words for "So Many".
We do hope that the logo present that clearly.

Our website will consist of many topics of writing that may happen in our lives. I don't know about the future of the website and the projects. Is it going to be success or just another step in our lives, but for now, I am excited to write more.

Don't forget to come visit our website yaa!!

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Jimmy Needham - Yours to Take


He Argue, She Grumble, They Love Each Other

Noah: You're bored Allie. You're bored and you know it. You wouldn't be here if there wasn't something missing.
Allie: You arrogant son of a bitch.
Noah: Would you just stay with me?
Allie: Stay with you? What for? Look at us, we're already fightin'
Noah: Well that's what we do, we fight... You tell me when I am being an arrogant son of a bitch and I tell you when you are a pain in the ass. Which you are, 99% of the time. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. You have like a 2 second rebound rate, then you're back doing the next pain-in-the-ass thing.
- The Notebook (2004)
For years, I had heard that The Notebook is the most romantic film. Indeed, it is. But, when I saw the movie, I wonder how they -Noah&Allie- are crazy about each other yet they are always fighting, almost everyday.

Last month, I met one couple that somehow reminds me of Noah and Allie. Their name is Ed and Vi. Ed is my very-big-boss, as I may say. He is one of the Board of Commissioner of this giant consumer products company where I worked. Last month, Ed was coming to Indonesia to attend Annual Shareholders Meeting, and he came with his wife.

I was assigned to accompany them during their visit *it was my 6th monthaversary of work, btw :cool:  They met me at the hotel lobby with their straw hats, loose T-shirt, sport shoes, and sunglasses,  *anyway,  since this is a very big boss, I almost used my blazer, but then I changed my clothes to batik dress, black stocking/pantyhose, and heels. The fact: they are so 'tourist-like', imagine how awkward the situation was? :oops:

Okay, from the first time I saw them, Vi was holding Ed's arm all the way to our car. In the car, they discussed what they want to buy as a gift. When Ed was busy with his phone and didn't respond quickly, Vi grumbled and then Ed flirt with her, trying to be nice to her. Then both of them continued to discuss another topic, most of it led to another argument. It happened again and again, even though they were holding hands while window shopping.
Long story short, Vi was interested in antique pieces of jewelry: necklace, bracelet, and ring. Since she carries no phone or wallet or any handbag, she asked the bank man, Ed..

[Video] Derek Redmond, 1992 Olympics

This video is about Derek Redmond, a retired British athlete.
During his career, he held the British record for the 400 meters sprint and won gold medals in the 4x400 meters relay at the World Championships and European Championships.

This video is his performance at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona

At the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, he tore his hamstring in the 400 meters semi-final but continued the race limping and, with assistance from his father, managed to complete a full lap of the track as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Although Redmond was disqualified and listed as "Did Not Finish" due to the outside assistance finishing the race, the incident has become a well-remembered moment in Olympic history, having been the subject of one of the International Olympic Committee's "Celebrate Humanity" videos and been used in advertisements by Visa as an illustration of the Olympic spirit and featured in Nike's "Courage" commercials in 2008.

At that time, they may not know what is the effect of their action. They just want to finish the race even if the record did not say so. 

From this video, I am reminded of commitment to finish what we have started.
And that we never walk alone, because even it looks like it is, our Heavenly Father never leave us.
Just like Derek's father, Our God will surely and faithfully hold us in His shoulder and raise us up all over again.

So, guys and girls, please do not give up!
Keep doing what you are doing right now.
Help is coming.

Commit in Singleness

Set aside your feeling, commit for a greater cause -@JeffryRachmat

A few weeks ago at one of JPCC Sunday Service, Ps.Jeffry Rachmat preached about commitment. The main idea is that being a Christian means we are a committed person. We have to commit (something) until the very end. Why? Because God does. He committed to do The Salvation until the very last drop of His life, even though He had another choice.

When I heard the word 'commitment', the first thing comes up in my mind is Marriage/Relationship. I think it is because marriage is the most common way to describe commitment.

As Ps.Jeffry said, commitment is only for those who are willing to sacrifice. Marriage takes sacrifice. Just imagine that two-person sleep in the same bed every day lives in the same house, and have to deal with each other for the rest of their life. So much to sacrifice.

committed spouse gives someone serenity and trust between them. This is a basic foundation, a must-have thing in a relationship. Trust built from serenity which grows by commitment. Blah blah blahh.. Since I am not married yet, I guess I don't need to think about commitment, right?

Then someway, this fact strikes me.

Commitment is not talking about relationship or marriage. Commitment is talking about persistence, defined by one's maturity. It's about life value. It's about mindset. So, bear with this fact I want to tell you. The fact that we -you and me, those who are single, can also commit in their our singleness.

Girls, one of my childhood dream was to have a romantic-happily-ever-after life with my prince charming, and I never knew anything about a broken heart. As time goes by, I know that life is not as simple as that, and as said in Adele's song, sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

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